A Simple Life is a Beautiful Life

After half a lifetime, I am just now realizing that my joie de vivre is simplicity - I find it to be beautiful. My purpose is to cultivate and share this through my work, my art, and my life. Simplicity is any thing that is plain, natural, or easy to understand.  

My innate desire to seek out and cultivate simplicity has guided me most of my life. It lead me to a successful career in organizational effectiveness (a.k.a Agile), it lead me back to my art, and in college, down the design path. The desire to have a simple life is why I love Europoean culture, why I declutter and purge our home on the regular, and why I seek an uncomplicated life.

I am an artist because the act of creation is natural to me, it makes sense. It's simple, and beautiful both in process and finished product.

A friend once told me that a good blog isn't about the writer, but how the content improves someone elses life. By those standards this is not a good blog post so far, so I'll leave you with this.

Find your words

1-3 words to be specific. Seek out a handful of words that describe who you are, and why you do you, how you do you :).  A good way to get started is to list 5-7 words that describe what is important to you, then for each word ask yourself "why?" until you can no longer think of an answer.  Your words will begin to emerge through out this exercise, but make no mistake, you will need to iterate on this and come back to it and adjust.

My words are: Simple and Beautiful.  Sometimes I add Bold or Adventurous. 

I use these words to make decisions in my life. If the decision helps me to have a simple, beautiful (or perhaps adventurous) life, then I do it.  If it doesn't, I don't.  Most recently, I've been using these words to build a capsule wardrobe, and I am loving how my style is coming together!  Lots of easy to wear, easy to clean, mix-and-match, and pack items (I have a bit of an addiction to travel).