Marina Piccola

Capri, Italy

16x20 Marina Piccola, 2017

16x20 Marina Piccola, 2017

An afternoon spent on the beach with Peroni and paninis soaking up the Italian sun - this is what perfect days are made of.

It was a gift and inspiration to spend 10 days in Italy with my family last summer. Five of which, were spent on the island of Capri where we savored the simple life. We woke to cool breezes, and took walks to the coffee shop to greet the morning. We wrote in our journals while overlooking the sea. We disconnected from the world and took time to immerse ourselves in the small pleasures in life.

This 16x20 piece will always be a favorite of mine because it reminds me of those days with family and close friends. Beautifully simple, and rich.