Small Art Styling

I did a little impromptu styling session to punch up and give new life to my night stand, and I thought I’d share a few tips you can use in your own home.

1. Clear the Clutter


The first and most important step is to clear off your surface. Take everything off, and give it a good dust and wipe down so you are starting with a clean slate. It’s much easier to envision something fresh and new when starting from a blank slate.

2. Bring in Height and add some Books

Start with a lamp for height and place it on one side of you desk or nightstand, then take a look around your home or office and choose 3 books which fit easily next to your lamp. When choosing books try to stick with books that have the same or similar color jacket, and keep it neutral. Good neutrals to look for are white, gray, black, or navy.

3. Next up, Flowers!

Grab a simple vase, add your favorite flowers, then place it on top or behind your books. Be sure when you place your flowers that they sit lower than your lamp. You want different height levels for visual interest.

4. Create a Vignette

When creating your vignette, keep the number of items to 3 it will create balance and add visual interest. You can have as many vignettes as you like, but keep in mind that less is more, particularly if you are working with a smaller surface.

I’m certain I’m biased, but I think a piece of art from a local artist is more powerful than any piece of decor you find at the big-box stores. Art from a local artist, whether it is a print or an original, helps tell a story which will always add a layer of richness and depth to your home that the big box store decor just can’t compete with. I used this 3x3 original piece from my Sea Glass collection and created a small vignette with the flowers and a candle.

Pro Tip

When creating your vignette, choose pieces that have meaning to you, or that you find particularly beautiful. Remember small pieces of art from local artists are not only affordable, but are a unique add to your space.

Happy Styling!

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