New Art Available: The Sea Glass Collection

The waves hurry away from a grey pebbled shoreline, and stones of green, blue, white, and even pink hide in between the smooth rocks. Sea glass is a treasure, an adventure, a reminder that beauty grows over time.

The Sea Glass collection is officially available! I’ve been working on this one for quite some time, and am so excited to share it, and the story behind the collection with you. I hope these pieces bring you peace, and a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life.


While touring the cost of Capri, Italy, our new friend and skipper, Paulo, asked if we wanted to swim, and pointed off in the distance to a tiny patch of shoreline. Umm...yes! Of course I want to swim! 

The water was much colder than I expected and the swim was far, but the salty waves guided me forward. Before I knew it, I was sitting on that beach, searching for sea glass, legs and hands dotted with sand and soil, and completely forgetting I had a boat full of people waiting on me. 

The polished green glass was meant as a souvenir for my boys, and I clutched those pieces tight in my fist while swimming against the push of the waves back to the boat - it was NOT a graceful swim. Beaming with excitement over my new found treasures and grateful for the day's adventure, I climbed aboard Paulo's boat, and was greeted with smiles, limoncello and cherries.

Check out these new pieces and shop the Sea Glass Collection today! If you love this collection, and want a custom size, reach out and we’ll get started on an original for you.